The cold chain industry can be divided into goods export, cargo transportation, and cargo terminal distribution. In the last part, especially, there are defects in temperature control like non-standard, artificialization and discontinuity.

    The application of cold chain logistics includes primary agricultural products (vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, and eggs), aquatic products, flour products, processed food (like frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products and other packaged cooked food), ice cream and dairy products, chocolate, raw materials of fast food, special commodities such as medicines. 
    China's cold chain market is expected to exceed 300 million tons. 

    Among them, the terminal distribution market is huge. 
    The current piston type refrigerator on the market has poor shock resistance and needs 12 hours of oil return before the next usage. 
    The current semiconductor refrigerators on the market have a short life and low efficiency. 
    Our car refrigerator uses a rotor compressor with good shock resistance and high refrigeration.