CS-RMC-10U Water Chiller



    • Precise temperature control, cold water ±0.5 ℃ / normal temperature ±1
    • Compressor overload protection
    • Flow alarm
    • Over high and over low temperature alarm
    • I/O alarm
    • Liquid level alarm
    • HD LCD display


     Product name

    Dual temperature dual control laser chiller






     Nominal cooling capacity


     6000@25°C(with 30°C ambient)

     Rated voltage



     Maximum power



     Electric heating power







     Maximum flow











     Temperature setting range



     Temperature control accuracy


     Frozen water ± 0.5 ℃/ normal temperature ± 1 ℃

     Working temperature



     Storage temperature



     Net weight



     Dosing type


     Water / glycol solution

     Inlet and outlet


     Outer diameter 19.5mm pagoda joint

     Machine size



     Package size




    10u chiller size

      Pump Curve:  

    chiller pump curve


      Cooling Capacity Curve:  

    chiller cooling capacity curve

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