Aspen Q-Series Miniature Rotary Compressor


Aspen mini compressors are exceptionally compact and achieve extraordinary power density. They are available in single cylinder, twin cylinder, vertical and horizontal configurations. Offered in 12V, 24V, and 48V voltage input options and compatible with various current and most of the upcoming low GWP refrigerants, these compressors can be used in a wide range of evaporator conditions and in LBP, MBP, and HBP systems.


    Their size, weight, and durability make them ideally suited for mobile or portable applications, including:

    Portable Cooling Systems

    Miniature Refrigeration/Freezer Systems

    Thermally-Controlled Shipping Containers

    Electronics Cooling Systems

    Medical Imaging Equipment

    Beverage Cooling

    Mini-Chilled Water Systems


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