New product release -Body cooling system

Human health is closely related to the temperature of the environment in which it is located. Generally speaking, the optimal environmental temperature suitable for the human body is between 68F and 82F. In the hot summer, when the outdoor temperature is too high, the human body will not only feel uncomfortable, difficult to sweat, but also face the disease hazards caused by high temperature.

Under high temperature conditions, due to the small temperature difference between the body temperature and the external environment, it is difficult for the heat generated by the body to expel the heat through the epidermal cells of the human body through sweat evaporation in a timely manner. Sexual nerve disorder affects the human body's emotions, work capacity and working efficiency. Slightly more serious will cause the body's water and salt metabolism disorder to trigger heat stroke, and more severe heat stress. At the same time, after the body is dehydrated, the thick blood leads to the aggravation of the original disease, which can induce heart disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and so on. The impact of high temperature on human health is multifaceted. It directly or indirectly affects the physiological functions of the human body, and the most serious consequence is death.

As global warming gradually getting worse, humans will face a more severe high temperature environment, especially those who are engaged in outdoor working in summer, such as summer open-air operations: traffic police, courier dispatchers, high-altitude operators, railway maintenance personnel; high temperature and strong radiation operations: iron and steel smelting, forging, ceramic firing; and other special high-temperature operations: firefighters, tank soldiers, etc. They are facing a harsher working environment, and the harm caused by high temperature will always exist.

  Traditional cooling is the overall cooling of a large space enclosed environment. For narrow space, high temperature condition, high energy consumption heat source, and other markets that only partially cool down, the cooling methods formed by traditional refrigeration devices will no longer be applicable. Micro-environmental refrigeration is a new concept in the refrigeration industry, and related technical products have been mainly used in the military field for a long time. With the further maturity of micro-refrigeration technology, our company will civilianize products previously used only in military technology to meet the needs of the civilian market for micro-environmental refrigeration. Through many years of painstaking research, in terms of human body cooling, many types of human body cooling equipment have been developed through multiple channels. Ice storage is one of the human body cooling methods. It has small size, light weight, easy operation, and strong practicality. The cooling effect is rapid and the human body feels comfortable, which is deeply loved by consumers.

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