Reviews on Portable Air Conditioner from Stephen Ryan

Hi, Coolingstyle.

My name is Stephen Ryan.

I own a Coolingstyle portable air conditioner …. And I love it.

Let me explain:

I am a 60-year-old retired soldier and police contractor …


…. Who set out to build my own retirement home.


I built the ultimate green-energy house.

You can see my roof has solar panels, solar-powered hot water, and my own design of rainwater recycling system.


Now the panels are from Sharp … and are outstanding.


But current solar energy systems are a joke.

Most use an inverter to convert the 12-24 volt DC coming off the panels to 110 volt AC (in the US), 100 volt AC in Japan, or 220-240 volt AC (in Europe and Singapore).

Forget what you read in those tree-hugging websites. Using an inverter to convert DC to AC current will rob you of more than half your energy.

Most commercial solar energy systems can barely generate enough power to boil a tea kettle.

But the Coolingstyle Portable Air Conditioner runs directly on DC.

There is no energy loss through inversion, and the results are amazing.

I installed the Coolingstyle AC


… by first cutting the glass to fit the effluent pipe.

And covering it with a shroud.

I then mounted the AC unit on a shelving unit that can also function as a desk (I sit Japanese-style on the floor using tatami mats).



My house has a redundant wiring systems for the solar panels, and I tapped into them directly via the main circuit-breaker board.


The result is pure paradise.

I am currently getting 12-13 hours of operations per day (Singapore is on the equator, and the sun here is as scorching as that which I experienced in the Gulf).


Now we have turned the tables on Mother Nature.

The hotter the sun, the BETTER the system works.


I look forward to blistering hot days, because my Coolingstyles will be belting out cold air.


Which brings us to the second point:

Most of these idiot solar energy systems use a battery pack to run at night. To power my home through to morning, I would need a battery pack the size of a small room.

But with Coolingstyle portables running in each room, my house is ALREADY cool by evening.

Yes, I have four massive 1.5 pica Sharp airconditioners.

But the house is already cool, so they only have to run 10 minutes per hour to keep my place comfortable.

In the meantime, I use my Coolingstyle portables as night lights. I surround them with day curtains, and the results are very pleasing.


This is a revolutionary device. For homeowners using solar energy, we can ditch expensive and breakdown-prone inverters with direct-drive DC airconditioners.

So to everyone who wants free energy from the sun …. BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Better still, become a re-seller and make a fortune.

The market is huge: You can approach every homeowner who used his government solar energy grant …. And got stuck with a turkey on his roof.

The Coolingstyle airconditioner is an easy after-market fix that will get all these solar energy systems to work as intended.

You can contact me at if you have any questions.

Thank you Coolingstyle!!