Great success on the 2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Our team participated in the 2018 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Thanks to a great deal of efforts, we obtain the fourth place in the preliminary and won financial assistance of 100 thousand RMB.

 It is a great honor that our micro-environmental cooling technology gets growing recognition in the market. To achieve this, our core team has spent more than five years working and improving the field. We have always stuck to the principle of military and civilian integration: the advanced technology can not only be enjoyed by the military group but by all folks.

Against this backdrop, the products of our company are divided into three groups, including the military sector, the industrial sector and the civilian sector. And in each sector, we have invented many high-quality products.

The great success of the competition gives us confidence. In the following time, our team will work even harder to improve the technology and aim to provide more excellent products for people around the world.