Single Cylinder Compressor VS Dual Cylinder Compressor

         The miniature DC compressor has compact size and it is light weight. It is especially suitable for small spaces and mobile devices, and its applications are getting more and more extensive. This type of compressor is generally a rolling rotor compressor, such as our company's TC2-M019Y4 compressor which has only one cylinder inside, and the cylinder volume is limited. Under high compression, the pressure in the cylinder changes quickly. Since amplitude is large, the torque change penetrates, It won’t cause issues such as large vibration and large noise.

         Aiming at the shortcomings of the existing technology, our company Coolingstyle has developed a dual-cylinder compressor that reduces vibration and noise. The model is TSC2-M028Y4.

         The benefits of the new dual-cylinder compressor are as below:

         1. Equipped with a two-stage cylinder assembly, which can distribute the compression ratio of the two-cylinder compressor to two groups of cylinders.  It reduces the range of pressure changes in the two cylinders, thereby reduces vibration and noise;

         2. At the same time, there is a certain phase difference between the two eccentric parts on the crankshaft, so the torque change of the crankshaft will be smoother, further reducing the vibration and noise of the dual-cylinder compressor;

         3. The two-stage cylinder assembly is also equipped with a muffler to further reduce noise;

         4. There are two-stage cylinder components, which improves the efficiency of the two-cylinder compressor and increases the cooling capacity of the refrigeration system;

         5. There is a spiral oil absorbing sheet inside, and the side wall of the crankshaft is provided with an oil guide hole, which can lubricate the components of the dual-cylinder compressor and ensure the normal operation of the dual-cylinder compressor.

         The video below explains more specifically.


      At present, the compressor TSC2-M028Y4 is officially in production with high quality and low price. Welcome to purchase.