Precautions of the Q400 serial industrial water chiller

      When using industrial water chillers, we need to pay attention in many parts in the real situation to make the best of the machine. In doing so, the stability can be maintained and the work life can be prolonged. Taking Coolingstyle CS-MRC-Q400 water chiller as an example, I would like to give some advice in this regard as follows:


  1. Check if the silica gel plug blocks the water outlet on the bottom of the water tank before adding water.


  2. In the first boosting, the water added to the water tank decrease because some flow to the external tube. Therefore, moderate amount of water should be added when operating the chiller.


  3. The liquid added to the chiller can be pure water or glycol solution. Do not drop impurities into the water tank or otherwise affect the work life of the water pump.


  4. No folds on the external tubes. The connector should be fixed by a clamp or tape.


  5. The volume of the internal water tank is about 1.2L. Add water slowly to prevent overflow.


  6. The water chiller needs DC 24V power supply, so the power consumption should be at least 350W.


  7. The ambient temperature should not exceed 50. Do not use in a space filled with corrosive gas of liquid in case affect the product life.


  8. Reserve vent hole when putting the cover cap on the top to prolong the work life of the water pump.


  9. When switching off, press the on/off button on the display first. Then cut down the power supply.


  10. Drain all the internal liquid out when the water chiller are not put into use for a long time.


    Hope the above tips can help operators to run the water chiller properly and effectively.