How To Maintain A Ultraviolet Laser Chiller?

  Ultraviolet laser chillers are widely used in the fields of laser production and processing, such as various types of laser marking, laser cutting, etc. To prolong the work life of the ultraviolet laser chiller, we must maintain the chiller carefully. So, how to maintain a UV laser chiller be maintained?

  Here are some ways provided by Coolingstyle:

  1. The water should be replaced and the water tank should be cleaned regularly. Usually we replace the water every three hours and clean the water tank once a week.

  2. The room / workshop where the UV laser chiller runs should be clean and well ventilated.

  3. Regularly check whether the cooling system of the chiller is in a normal state, the cooling tower fan is running well, the water level of the built-in water tank is in a normal state.

  4. When the chiller has a fault indication, press the stop button first, and then find the cause. Remember not to run the machine before troubleshooting.

  5. If there is no emergency, do not turn off the chiller by cutting off the power. If the chiller is not put into use for a long time, you should turn off the main power, and drain the water in the chiller.

  Under high temperature operating conditions, the performance of laser equipment will degrade. The UV laser chiller can continuously cool the laser equipment, making it run in a lower temperature environment, greatly improving the working efficiency of the laser equipment. Therefore, every user must maintain your UV laser chiller well.