Is it expensive to buy a UV laser chiller?

  Price is an important factor when people purchase stuff. It is the same when you attempt to by industrial equipment like a UV laser chiller. The price of it varies a lot. So, which to buy?


  The price of the UV laser chiller depends on the following points:

  1. Models

  For UV laser chiller, there are lots of modes from hundreds of watt to thousands of watt. Many manufacturers determine the price based on how large the watt is.

  2. Requirements

  The higher your requirements are, the larger the cost is. For example, compared to those chillers with accuracy of ±0.2  or ±0.3 , the one that can reach ±0.1 accuracy is definitely more expensive.

  3. Quality and service

  When we purchase an industrial UV chiller, we must take whole range of factors into consideration like the production status, quality, time of delivery, after-sale service and more.


  Above all, there are just a few tips about what influence the chiller price. In fact, it is hard to make it crystal-clear about what affects it most because there are , just like most mechanical equipment, so many differences in modes, thermal control accuracy, power consumption, cooling capacity and so on. Therefore, we should think about our demands at first, then the actual  environment and application. You are welcome to contact Coolingstyle to provide you with professional advice and service.