Application of water chillers

As a kind of cooling equipment of constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure, water chillers play an important role in refrigeration industry. The chillers in the current market generally have the features of easy operating, high thermal accuracy, good cooling results and wide application, which brings great benefits to manufacture industry. In terms of application, here are some following tips:


  1. Laser industry

    Chiller cools down the temperature of laser equipment to prevent overheat deformation to stabilize the power consumption and quality of laser. In doing so, it can enhance the life span and cutting precision of the laser. The laser equipment mainly includes laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine and beyond.


  2. CNC machine

    The chillers cool down the spindle of CNC machines by cold-water circulating so as to extent its working life and improve the accuracy of cutting. It mainly applies in spindle engraving machine, resistance weiding machine, TIG welding machine, etc.


  3. UV printing and UV lighting

    Water chillers can control the temperature of a UV LED light to maintain the stability and endurance of the UV light. The printing and lighting equipment includes the UV flatbed printer, UV screen printer, UV curing lights and UV-LED curing equipment.


  4. Medical industry

    By cooling down the hot spot of a medical machine, a water chiller can improve the medical tests. They are mainly used in medical beauty instrument, photon machine and laser hair removal machine.

Hope the above can help you apply water chillers in a suitable industry.