Features of UV laser chillers


As we all known, UV laser chillers mainly are mainly used in laser processing industry. It cools down the laser generator of the equipment through water circulation system. In doing so, it can control the temperature of the generator, keeping it work for a long time. Features of UV laser chiller vary from factory to factory. Here is an example about which features of a chiller you should focus on.


Features of CS-ACC-H400 UV laser chiller from Coolingstyle:


  1. Standard AC power supply with range of 220V to 240V;

  2. Heat exchange through efficient and micro-channel, enhancing cooling capacity and reducing volume and weight;

  3. Environmental-friendly R134a refrigerantshermetic design; pollution-free;

  4. Thermal accuracy up to ±0.1 by electric heating control; Display accuracy of 0.1;

  5. Exquisitely-designed color LCD screen with touch button;

  6. Temperature setting function ranging from 10-35according to customers needs;

  7. Power-down memory function on setting temperature. The setting temperature is conveniently fixed even the power is shut down.

  8. 4L water tank; water inlet on the top and water outlet on the front which is user-friendly and practical.


    Above all, compared to other products of this kind, the 48*36*26cm UV laser chiller is compact, power-efficient while guarantee the cooling capacity at the same time. Hope it would be your best choice.