Industrial Chiller-- Which Brand Is Better?

Industrial Chiller-- Which Brand Is Better?


When people purchase a product, they tend to care about its performance than the price. Thats why people like to choose a household brand. It is the same when it comes to industrial chillers.


So, regarding for industrial chiller, which brand is better?


As the pioneer of micro-environment cooling technology, Shenzhen Coolingstyle Technology Co., Ltd.(Shorted for Coolingstyle below) is the best choice for you to buy industrial chillers!


The water chiller/industrial chiller of the Coolingstyle has four advantages as below:


  1. Leading the industry

    Coolingstyle is a pioneer in the field of micro-environment cooling technology. We have deep cooperation with dozens of universities and institutes in China, and we have abundant R&D and design experience. 

  2. Technical advantage

    As a national high-tech enterprise in China, Coolingstyle has more than 20 related patents. 

  3. Product Resource

    After years of profound experience in the field of micro-environment cooling, Coolingstyle has established strategic partnerships with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. For example: Coolingstyle is the exclusive agent of USA ASPEN in China; Coolingstyle is also the exclusive oversea agent of Qingan Compressor - China's largest compressor factory.

  4.  Team

    The core leaders and R&D personnel of the Coolingstyle are from Tsinghua University, and 90% of other R&D personnel graduated from famous universities in China. Moreover, the company's R&D personnel account for 40% of the company's total number.

We are committed to provide advanced equipment, professional design, sophisticated production, and perfect after-sales service to every customer.