Too hot to go out? Portable air conditioner is needed for a hot summer

The desired summer vacation is coming. I believe everyone has planned to go out with family and friends. But the hot weather prevents you from doing so. Dont worried. Here we provide an excellent portable air conditioner for outdoor use.

Portable air conditioners, as the name suggests, are air conditioners that can be moved or put in a place at will. It is designed for localized cooling or outdoor cooling. Because it has many advantages, this kind of product has gone viral throughout the world.

The origin of portable air conditioner

The world's first mobile air conditioner was invented in 1986 by DeLonghi, Italy. It contains an internal compressor, exhaust fan, electric heater, evaporator, air-cooled finned condenser and other devices. The machine is equipped with a power plug, and some may be equipped with four casters, which can make the air conditioner move freely. Because of its convenience, such products spread all over Europe and America, then the whole world.

The advantages

Small size: In light of the appearance, the type and size of the air conditioner are similar to the air conditioner fan.

Convenience: Integral design and no need for professional installation; plug-in (battery or both) is available; move freely.

Low consumption: Efficient, power saving and money saving

Therefore, various manufacturers began to create their own products. We can see lots of portable air conditioners of different sizes, brands or cooling capacity in the market. But how do we choose the right one?

Here are some tips for you to consider:

1.Proper area to be cooled down

If you need to cool down a large room or even a house but do not want a conventional air conditioner, you need a portable air conditioner with larger power. Otherwise, you will not achieve a desirable cooling result.

2.Cooling capacity

If you want to be cooler, you have to choose a portable air conditioner with high power consumption. Besides, you can also check the refrigerant it uses. For example, R134a refrigerant is eco-friendly and produces a better cooling result.


When people choose a portable air conditioner, they may want it to be easily carried. So the conditioner must be in a small size, light in weight and integrated. Consult the salesman for more details about the product before purchasing it.

Considering all of the above factors, Coolingstyle has provided the high-quality portable air conditioner for our clients. We use R134a refrigerant to achieve better results. It is efficient and has a high cooling capacity. For outdoor users, it is light and has 2 USB sockets for your phone. Uniquely, LED and SOS lights are also available.

The machine is designed and innovated by our highly-educated team, manufactured by skillful workers and sold directly through the company. We have many patents for the portable air conditioner including the utility model and appearance. We also offer high quality pre-sale and after-sale service to give our customers the best purchasing experience.